Cypherpunk Bitstream Backup

Frank Braun and Smuggler had an awesome podcast called Cypherpunk Bitstream. Unfortunately, the original site where it was hosted, as well as anarplex have been offline for a while now.

Frank sent me the original audio files and together with the public website source I re-built the website at

Why Freedom?

I recently found myself thinking about a quote again I first heard from JStark, may he rest in peace. “You can’t truly call yourself “peaceful” unless you’re capable of great violence, if you’re not capable of violence you’re not peaceful, you’re harmless” This quote becomes much more profound if you replace “peaceful” with “moral”, “violence” with “freedom” and “harmless” with “unfree”. How are we supposed to ever develop true morality if most of our actions are constrained by law?

A Bitcoiner’s Vision for the Web 3.0

In this short note I propose a system for decentralized web applications, mostly independent of Bitcoin, but using it where it makes sense. This proposal is heavily inspired by nostr.

Talk about Federated E-Cash at Adopting Bitcoin 2021

At Adopting Bitcoin 2021 I gave a talk about building a trust-minimized, anonymous Lightning wallet using Federated E-Cash. A recording can be found at BitcoinTV and slides are available here.